The National Emergency Services Memorial was dedicated by then Prime Minister, John Howard, on 12 July 2004 to honour those who have served and were injured or died in Australia’s emergency management and service organisations.


The raised wall symbolises comfort warmth and shelter while the three dimensional frieze of images reflect the diversity of emergency personnel and their experiences. The frieze is a visual expression of a story and experience of national emergency management based on the underlying principles of Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover.

The east face of the memorial wall is highly polished revealing words that embody the values and professionalism of the emergency services personnel.

Australia, as many readers will know, is a land prone to significant natural disasters in particular flooding and fire both with often devastating consequences. The concept of a memorial was translated to a reality following the tragic loss of lives in the Victorian bushfires of late 1998.


Emergency services honoured here include but are certainly not limited to paramedics, fire, police and State Emergency Service, search and rescue, welfare services, community response and help agencies, animal rescue and environmental protection personnel – a very wide cross section of society.

This Memorial located between Commonwealth Park and Kings Park and at the southern end of Anzac Parade and about 100m from the edge of Lake Burley Griffen and Blundells Cottage

Address: Parkes Way, ACT 2600
Directions: By Lake Burley Griffin, close to Kings Bridge

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