Walking around Lake Burley Griffin and visiting the numerous attractions around it can easily take days. Most visitors will be restricted to a day, or at most two. Irrespective, you will need to eat at some point. There are numerous options, mainly in terms of museum cafes and the like, but my favourite is The Deck, assuming that is that it is a nice day and you actually sit out on the deck rather than inside, which I find cold, bland and lacking in atmosphere.

The view from the deck down over the lake is expansive and pleasant. That said, I actually don’t have a picture of the view to share with you but it is very similar to the picture below though from a few metres higher up.


The food on offer at The Deck, not open for dinner, is café style and of reasonably good quality if on the slightly pricey side. While sandwiches and lighter options are available the choice is limited and the menu focuses on a fuller meal. It’s as if they are trying to make up for not being open at dinner time with their offering of lamb shanks and the like. The bigger meal option is great when one wants to linger over lunch and indulge in a nap afterwards, less so if one has a heavy afternoon’s sightseeing planned.

On my most recent visit, mid morning, I ordered the Full Deck and a coffee. This, the café’s full hot breakfast, proved a great choice for brunch. I especially liked the chorizo (and accompanying sauce) which replaced the more common sausage – not that I have anything against the common sausage! The coffee was good but cooled down very quickly in the cold winter air, though I can’t blame the café for that!


While I didn’t partake of anything sweet on my most recent visit I will admit to indulging on prior visits – lots to choose from and all quite edible. I have visited The Deck on a number of occasions and have always been satisfied if not wowed. I especially like the prawn linguine and the beer battered fish and chips.

As the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre is now very conveniently located next door to The Deck this presents a great opportunity to pick up some brochures and read them over a coffee or more at The Deck. Also next door to The Deck, indeed they share toilets – just in case you wanted to know, is the National Capital Exhibition, a small museum which covers the history and story of Canberra, providing a good orientation to the city.

Dogs are welcome on the outside deck.

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 09:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 09:00am – 04:00pm
Public Holidays Closed

Address: Barrine Drive, Parkes, ACT 2600
Directions: At National Capital Exhibition
Phone: (02) 6230 7234 Ext 25
Website: http://www.thedeckatregattapoint.com.au/

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