The Visitors Centre, which moved to its current site by Lake Burley Griffin, from Northbourne Avenue, is a great source of information on Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory and the region more generally and is certainly worthy a stop for all but the most prepared visitor to Canberra. In addition to an extensive display of literature the staff here are very helpful.

While I didn’t take any pictures out across Lake Burley Griffin from the Centre, concentrating instead on the information, etc available for the visitor, the whole southern wall of the Centre is glass affording magnificent views across the lake towards the Capital’s iconic national attractions including Parliament House, the the High Court, the National Library of Australia and Questacon, the national science museum.

The Centre, in addition to providing details on things to see and do, can assist you with last minute accommodation bookings and sells tickets to major events, exhibitions, etc in the city. It also has decent selection of souvenirs and local produce, including local wines, on sale. In terms of accommodation, I should warn you not to arrive into the city while Parliament is sitting expecting to find accommodation – you simply won’t find any at any price – see my separate review – Accommodation shortage – book well in advance.

There is limited timed free parking, with designated free space available to park caravans, camper trailers, coaches and RVs close by the Centre. There is also an ATM (cash machine) within the Centre in addition to toilet facilities and free Wi-fi.

The Visitors Centre is in the same building as the National Capital Exhibition and The Deck café/restaurant, both worthy a visit in their own rights.

Canberra Centre Booth

Like its predecessor on Northbourne Avenue, the Visitors Centre is a little out of the city centre, though this time in the prime tourist area which you will be visiting anyway. Recognising this, a temporary booth (for the summer period) can be found on the ground floor in the Canberra Centre in Civic (as the city centre is called). It has the same opening hours as the main centre.

Opening hours
Weekdays – 9am – 5pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 9am – 4 pm
Closed Christmas Day

Address: Regatta Point, Barrine Drive, Parkes, Canberra {with booth in the Canberra Centre (city centre) – summer only}
Directions: Take the road on your left immediately before crossing the Commonwealth Bridge, coming from the City Centre
Phone: 1300 554 114 or 02 6205 0044
Website: http://visitcanberra.com.au/visitor-information/canberra-and-region-visitors-centre

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