Sedap is a delightful little hawker style Malaysian restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle of George Street in the Regent Place Arcade. I should add that the arcade has a great selection of eateries including an excellent Thai Restaurant – Senyai – upon which I have written a separate review and in which I have eaten many times.

Anyway back to Sedap, designed to look like a street café in Penang, Malaysia, the idea is that you pop in get seated on stools at a rustic ‘outdoor’ style table, order quickly, eat quickly and go…. To facilitate this this food is served quickly and the bill is delivered without you having to ask for it.

All I am saying here is that Sedap is not the place for a long romantic dinner or a long night out.

The menu is varied and exactly as you would find in a hawker style restaurant in Malaysia. As such, laksa, mee goring, nasi goreng , roti canai, nasi lemak, beef rendang and so on are all available.

So with all that more traditional Malaysian fare on offer I chose a Hainanese chicken with rice (more typical of Singapore) and, it being a chilly Sydney evening (below 20 degrees C! ), a hot barley drink. While I wasn’t in need of alcohol I don’t recall seeing any on the menu either so I suspect the restaurant is not licensed for the sale or consumption of alcohol.

What I did order exceeded my expectations. When scrutinising the menu I had actually determined to order my Hainanese chicken and a separate rice from what appeared to be the more formal of the three laminated menus given to me when I sat down. This would have cost A$17.50. When the most helpful waitress was taking my order she suggested I replace this with a combination dish at $12.00 from one of the other menus, telling me that the only difference was that the latter had slightly less chicken. Of course she didn’t need to do that and I thought it was a nice touch. Not being overly hungry I took the good lady’s advice and what was served a short time later was quite adequate for my needs.

The delicious barley drink, Dear Reader, reminded me of two things – neither of which will be of any relevance whatsoever to you in choosing to have it not!

Firstly it was, as I suspected it would be from the waitress’ description, exactly the same as a hot barley drink my grandmother, back in Ireland, used to make for me nearly half a century ago. Secondly it reminded me of how, for a number of years after moving to Canberra, I had managed to persuade an Indian friend of South African decent living there, that my grandmother was a Chinese lady who had met my grandfather in South Africa where he was serving in the British Army. If indeed the barley drink I had as Sedap is of Chinese Malaysian origin then perhaps indeed my grandmother was Chinese after all – despite all the appearances of the lovely Irish lady that I really thought she was.

I have digressed.

The service at Sedap was excellent – the food was excellent – the bill was very reasonable and I will certainly return.

Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm daily

Address: Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney
Phone: (02) 8021 4424

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