It’s funny that in a city with countless options for lovely cafes one (or is it just me?) seems to gravitate to old familiar places.

For me Dymocks Café is one of those old familiar places to which I seem to return time and time again. This pleasant and unpretentious café is located in the city centre’s largest bookstore (Dymocks) which, in itself, is a major draw card for me.

While others do it, and it seems to be accepted, I do not stock up on free reading material from the bookshop prior to entering the café, though I do tend to take my newspaper (call me old fashioned!) or a book which I have just bought en route to the café and read, if I am alone.


The café is located along a narrow balcony on the second/mezzanine floor of the bookshop and comprises of a series of pleasant private booths and some open small tables. Décor wise it is perhaps getting a bit jaded – soon in need of a face-lift, I think.

While I generally pop in here for a coffee and cake, to rest my weary limbs or get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the food here is also reasonably good – simple, tasty and fresh – and reasonably priced, especially given its location right in the heart of the city. On my most recent visit I had an open poached chicken sandwich for lunch. It was delicious, especially the beetroot relish, though somewhat of a stretch to call it a sandwich, of even the open variety, given how high the salad/chicken was stacked on a single slice of bread. I do wonder what John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich and eponymous inventor of the sandwich would make of these open sandwich affairs.


If you are in the city and in need of a short break this is a great place to have it though, be warned, if you are a book-lover your short break could easily turn into several hours as you make your way to and from the café through the book aisles. For the more dedicated bookworm or bibliophile this is a very convenient place to seek nourishment between browsing the aisles.

Café Opening hours (which are shorter than bookshop hours)
Daily 9am – 5pm

Address: 428 George St, Sydney
Directions: In Dymocks Bookshop
Phone: (02) 9233 7260
Website: http://www.dymockscafe.com.au/

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