This is officially a circular walk starting from the tourist office. From there follow the path along the promenade by Waterworld towards the Great Northern Hotel, clearly recognisable on the hill ahead and around the bay. From there, the walk continues on around the headland with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bundoran’s Golf Course on the other side with truly breathtaking views no matter which way you look – views which photos cannot really do justice too. On reaching the far end of the walk at Tullan Strand Road one is supposed to turn right and follow this road to its intersection with the main R267 road, where taking a right turn will bring you back into the town centre.

Due to rain coming on we didn’t actually complete the walk. We turned back just past the shelter at the top of Aughrus Point, the highest point on the walk, and called it a day in the bar of the Great Northern Hotel.


Had we been able to continue, we would have, given that the views are so fantastic from the headland, turned around when we got to Tullan Strand Road and retraced our steps back into town. The distance is about the same either way so I cannot see why anyone would want to walk along two very boring roads (one busy) when the option is a second look at views of the type depicted in my attached photos – cloudy day and dark though the photos are.

Having to cut our walk short, as we did, meant that while we did get to see the beautiful Tullan Strand it was in the distance and we did not get to visit the Fairy Bridges, cliff arches carved out by the ocean, nor sit and make a wish in the Wishing Chair by the edge of the ocean – Bundoran’s answer to the Blarney Stone. Something to do on a future visit.


Either way, the easy walk is about 4.5kms and you should allow at least 1.5 hours, longer if you plan to stop at the Great Northern Hotel in either (or both!) direction(s).

Note: If you do get to Tullum Strand do not go into the very inviting sand dunes if a red flag is flying as this means that the army firing range, at the adjacent Finner Camp, is in use. Also, care should be taken on exposed sections of the walk in windy or wet weather. Stay on the very well formed path and watch any children you may have in tow as it is a long drop to the bottom of the cliffs!

Address: Main Street, Bundoran
Directions: Start at the Tourist Office though being a circular walk you can start anywhere.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on Bundoran, Ireland. I suggest you continue with my next entry –Bundoran Golf Club – Golf – If You Must – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my introductory entry – On The Wild Atlantic Way.

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