In June 2012 the local government finally (after a year of deliberations!) gave the green light permitting the use of segways in and around Lake Burley Griffin. They are not permitted on public roads. Now, (in 2017), as I update this review the story remains the same.

At present only one company (SegGlideRide) hire out segways and has approximately 20 machines.

All rides are guided and mandatory training is provided before the ride commences (arrive 30 minutes prior to ride start time).

Cost ( May 2017)
15 minutes $25.00
30 minutes $39.00
1 hour $59.00

Ride Times Departing At:
15 minutes 12am, 12.45pm
30 minutes 9.30am 10.30am 12.00noon 2.00pm 3.30pm
1 hour 10.30am 2.00pm 3.30pm

Open 7 days excluding some public holidays – bookings are essential. Do take the advance booking requirement seriously as most times I pass by within the hours stated above they place is locked up so I presume they only turn up if they have bookings or at otherwise very busy times.

Personally I don’t like the things as they just present one more obstacle to me as I cycle around this part of the lake! Ok, that’s a bit selfish of me – I know – but don’t let me put you off. Watch out for bikes :-).

Directions: Located on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin at Reconciliation Place – Queen Elizabeth Terrace (formally Parkes Place), Parkes.
Website: http://www.segglideride.com.au/

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