How many of the flags can you identify? How about the kids, can they get more right than you? I have to admit I did not get them all right.

The flag display currently consists of ninety-six flags, on display in alphabetical order from the end nearest to the High Court of Australia – day and night (individually lit up at night to comply with national flag flying protocol) acknowledging the United Nations, the European Union and all those nations which maintain a diplomatic presence in Canberra. The most recent addition was that of Timor Leste after it became an independent nation in 2002.


The flags are located along the promenade between the High Court and the National Library on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

If you can’t work out or guess the country – look down. At the base of each flagpole is a brass plaque identifying the country to which the flag belongs. No cheating though!

Don’t forget to get a picture standing in front of your national flag.

While there is a lot of hot air in Canberra when Parliament is sitting I still recommend you try and coincide your visit to the Flag Display with a slight breeze.

The Display was launched by the Governor-General, the Hon Sir William Deane, on Australia Day 26 January 1999.

Open 24 hours

Address: Commonwealth Place
Directions: On the shore of Lake Burley Griffen, in the Parliamentary Triangle.

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