In my separate review, Big Boats at the Maritime Museum, I gave brief details on the larger vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum which I feel are worth boarding and thus buying a BIG ticket at A$30 to do so, especially so if the special exhibition on at the time of your visit is of interest as the BIG ticket gives access to it as well.

In addition to these vessels, the museum has a number of other interesting vessels, anchored in Darling Harbour, which are worthy a look. I have attached pictures of five of these though you should note that there are more and that the collection varies from time to time so some of the five depicted may not be on view when you visit (No.5 will not be).

Some of these smaller vessels can be boarded by BIG ticket holders but, in reality, a viewing from the boardwalk, available to anyone for free at anytime, will probably suffice for these vessels.

The vessels depicted are:

Picture 1 – Tu Do – A Vietnamese refugee boat (not at all suited to ocean travel) which arrived into Darwin on 21 November 1977 with 31 refugees, or as they were referred to at the time, boat-people, on board
Picture 2 – MB172 – An rather flash timber launch which used to ferry naval officers around Sydney Harbour
Picture 3 – John Louis – A pearling boat built in Broome and one of the last sail-rigged working craft built in Australia
Picture 4 – Akarana – (To the front of the picture). While it doesn’t look like it, the Akarana, a racing yacht which is, apart from the restored James Craig, the oldest vessel in the museum’s fleet having been built in 1888
Picture 5 – Jorgen Jorgenson – a restored reconstruction of the late 9th century Gokstad (at the museum only for the 2014 special exhibition on the Vikings).

ANMM access and opening hours are detailed in my general review on the Museum and on the museum’s website – http://www.anmm.gov.au/

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