There are few parts of the world that the Irish have not infiltrated and Sydney is no exception.

Some came here of their own volition and some came as convicts and had less say in the matter. Today it is almost a badge of honour to be able to point to a convict Irish past.

Irrespective of how they arrived the Irish did well, and continue to do so, in the ‘Lucky Country’.

Patrick Nolan was born in Kilkenny, Southern Ireland, in 1860. In 1884 he arrived, of his own volition and determined to seek a fortune, into Sydney aboard the RMS Liguria. He took up a position with Robert Millar & Co until he set up his own grocery business in Princes Street in 1894. This he sold in 1903 having expanded the business onto Oxford Street.

In 1900 he became a city alderman, a position he held, and excelled in, until his untimely death, from pneumonia, on 24 May 1904 at the age of only 44.

This attractive sandstone drinking fountain, which no longer functions as such, on the edge of Lang Park since 1969, was dedicated in 1904 as a tribute to the memory of Nolan:

’An honourable man, a good citizen and a trusted representative.’

Address: York & Lang Streets, Lang Park, Sydney

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