Through a combination of cloud murals/etchings and thirty hanging silver spirit figures artist Jason Wing, of Aboriginal and Chinese descent, made a stunning transformation of the 200 metres long Kimber Lane in Chinatown, in 2013. Lying, as it does, at the rear of and between two blocks of mainly restaurants I had (before the transformation) become accustomed to the sight and smell of mounds of rubbish and food scraps in Kimber Lane as I would hurriedly make my way by of a night.

Formerly an alleyway that you would not even consider going down, day or night, it is now quite a treat to wander though it, especially at night when everything is lit up. The blue colour chosen provides a nice contrast to the reds and yellows of the rest of Chinatown.

While the repeating pattern of auspicious clouds on the ground and on the walls represents heaven and good luck, the half human half spirit figures – inspired by both Chinese and Aboriginal heritage – represent our past, present and future ancestors, and thus earth. Walking down the laneway you become sandwiched ‘In Between Two Worlds’ (the title of the piece). Isn’t it interesting how heaven and earth have become transposed from their usual positions here?

If you are in Chinatown you should certainly have a look and, even if you are not interested in Chinatown I still recommend a visit to see this. In my view, with its otherworldly blue glow, it looks better at night than during the day but still worth a look during the day if you can’t make it at night.

Address: Kimber Lane, Haymarket
Directions: In Chinatown
Website: http://www.sydney-chinatown.info/

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