It’s rare that I pass through Chinatown and not pick up an Emperor’s Puff or two (ok, four per person is nice). These hot egg custard cream puffs are to die for and quite a bargain, be it for an afternoon treat or a late night snack.

They are cooked freshly as you wait – you can watch the process from inside the bakery – though you buy them from the small window in the attached photo. As they are freshly made do let them cool down for a couple of minutes before succumbing to the almost irresistible temptation to bite into one. They come very hot – straight from the griddle!

These little morsels are extremely popular so be prepared to queue up, especially at night. There are very few things in life I will join a queue for – this is one of them. You’ll be hooked I promise. Don’t let the queue put you off though, it moves fairly quickly.

The bakery (Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery) is located at the Hay Street end of Chinatown just inside Dixon Street – you will probably smell the sweet custard in the air.

On sale from around noon till late (as long as anyone is buying!).

Address: Intersection Dixon and Hay Street
Directions: In Chinatown – pedestrianised Street
Website: http://www.sydney-chinatown.info/

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