In my separate review of Central (Railway) Station as a visitor attraction, I referred to the dire, indeed lamentable, facilities offered to the travelling public and visitors to the station. By the way, this is a positive review of the cafe!

I recently arrived into Central Station, by bus from Canberra, at about 8.15am one Saturday morning and needed to pick something up there at 9am before continuing on. I determined to have a light breakfast while I waited.

Apart from a coffee cart on the main concourse nothing else was open, not that there was much to have opened in the first place. The concourse café/ bar was firmly closed. This I had not expected at 8.30 on a Saturday morning. Outside this I knew there were a few places that sold food on the Eddy Avenue Forecourt – the station exit onto that street. On closer inspection only one of these, which did not appeal to me, had seating. I continued on down Eddy Avenue under the station arches you see on the street level in picture below.


Making my way past a number of people who had obviously resided there the night before, and from the smell many nights before that, I came across the rather grandly, or rather preposterously, named Café du Nord. Well, I suppose it is sort of on the north side of the station.

Don’t let me put you off re getting to the cafe, homeless people have long taken rest in this area and certainly my experience has been that they are totally harmless. This area is perfectly safe in daylight hours. I did however sadly notice, for the first time ever, a number of rather flimsy tents erected in the park across the road from the station where some of Sydney’s growing homeless numbers now appear to have taken up residence. Very sad.

Café du Nord is certainly not like anything one might find on the Champs Elysee (and to be fair, nor are its prices) and it will probably not win a Michelin star any time soon but it turned out to be a pleasant spot for the light breakfast I hankered. The coffee was actually excellent and the staff were friendly.

While I just had coffee and raisin toast, a A$5 special, the café offered a full cooked breakfast, pastries, savouries, sandwiches, burgers and a small range of hot meals so it would also be admirably suitable for a simple affordable lunch.

While I didn’t use it, so can’t comment on quality, the café offers free wi-fi to customers. You need to ask for the password at the counter.

Just returning to my original comment about the dire, indeed lamentable, facilities offered to the travelling public and visitors to the station I should point out that unless you are encumbered by heavy luggage or don’t have the time or inclination, there are loads of other cafes and restaurants to choose from, within five minutes walk from the station. Perhaps this is why the station has given up.

Opening hours
From what I can ascertain 6am – 5pm

Favorite Dish: Nothing stand out – good basic food as very reasonable prices

Address: 11 Eddy Avenue, Central Station Building
Price Comparison: less expensive than average
Directions: On street level near the corner of Eddy Avenue and Pitt Street

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