Earlier in the evening, around dusk, I had passed by the Bavarian Bier Café en route back to my hotel, about 50 metres away. It looked completely dead and very dark inside. Coming out a little later looking for somewhere to have dinner I saw that the doors were still open so I had a look at the menu on display and a cracking pork belly dish appealed to me.

The place still looked dark and empty so it was with some trepidation that I entered. Having got inside the restaurant part of the café cum bar was actually quite busy so things looked up. No-one actually just drank at the bar while I was there.

Perusing the rather extensive Bavarian food menu again I changed my mind and instead of the crackling pork belly decided to go for the Bavarian tasting platter which was slated as including some crispy pork belly anyway.

To wash the food down I ordered a FÜRSTENBURG PREMIUM PILS from a rather extensive German beer menu. Knowing very little about beer in general (though still partial to a decent one) and German beer in particular it was a pot luck pick – though from the menu I was assured it would be crisp, spicy and dry! It turned out a great choice.

When the hearty platter arrived I could locate the haus sausages, schnitzel, sauerkraut, red cabbage, creamy mash, granny smith apple compote and bier jus but, sacrebleu! (or rather the German equivalent), there was no crispy pork belly. A word with my attentive waitress and it was delivered within minutes – they had merely forgotten to add it to the plate.

This oversight quickly forgiven, I tucked in and, my, everything was delicious even the bier jus which I was a little suspicious of and which was served in a separate gravy boat. The jus (I hate the pretentiousness of that word) was a little on the sour side though worked very well with the remainder of the dish. The crackling on the pork was perfect though in getting it so the pork was a little (I am being very picky here) on the dry side. That, however, was easily fixed with the bier jus and apple compote.

Overall a great meal and I would certainly return. Going back to the rather dark interior – I liked that too.


Total cost (2016): the tasting plate was A$32 which I felt was was good value and the beer (500ml) was $A11.50 which I felt a little on the expensive side, though I really have no idea what beer costs nowadays.

This Bavarian Bier Café on York Street was the first of a chain of such cafes in Sydney (7) and Queensland (2).

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday : 11am to Midnight

My first picture was taken the following morning as the entry is very dark (too dark I suggest) at night.

Address: 24 York St, Sydney
Price Comparison: about average
Phone: (02) 8297 4111
Theme: German/Austrian
Website: http://www.bavarianbiercafe.com/venue/york-street/

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