Riga is justifiably famous for its Art Nouveau buildings and decorations, the most spectacular, flamboyant and ornate of which can be seen in Alberta and Elizabetes ielas and surrounding streets, a short walk to the north east from the Old City.

In my separate review on that area I go into Art Nouveau in greater detail. ‘Spare me’, I hear you yell!

While the greatest concentration of Art Nouveau building and decoration is in the area referred to above there are loads of examples all over the city, including quite a few in the Old City area.

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The images here were all taken in the Old City area so do keep your eyes open as you wander around and you will spot these and many more – though these are my personal favourites. I especially like the eave in my second picture attached.

This is the last blog entry in group (loop) of entries on my visit to the Old City area of Riga.  I trust you have enjoyed reading about my visit and  invite you to partake of another of the loops (including “Riga- Beyond the Old City”) on my “Travel Loops” page, by clicking  HERE.

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