We had wined and dined ourselves well on the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Riga so by noon and having checked into out hotel I was not especially hungry. Added to that, when I visit a new place the first thing I want to do is get out, find my bearings, and explore. Eating is a distant second priority. Andy’s priorities differed on the day we arrived into Riga so having something light was agreed upon. Double Coffee in front of St Peter’s Church fit the bill beautifully.

As it turned out, Double Coffee is part of a chain and the logo immediately reminded me of the Costa chain in the UK.

As one might expect, Double Coffee are purveyors of a wide range of coffees, teas, smoothies, etc and cakes and deserts.


Additionally and unlike other chains I am familiar with, Double Coffee has a very extensive range of food on its menu and a limited range of alcoholic beverages.

Also unlike Costa, Starbucks and the like, Double Coffee operates on a table service basis so for those unfamiliar with that dying breed among coffee shops, you order from a menu and pay a waiter when they bring the bill to you, after you have eaten!

47The food we had, I had fritters with scallops in bacon, was good and just what we sought for a light lunch. The coffee was good too.

I hasten to add that the desserts (again tasty), pictured above, were consumed on a subsequent visit to the same outlet, which was close to our hotel.

The one negative that I encountered on both visits, though especially the one where hot food was ordered, was that service was on the slow side, especially so as I imagine food preparation here amounts to the assembly of pre-prepared meals – and that’s not a criticism. As it happened, this slow service was not a problem for us as it gave me time to study maps, etc and better plan our afternoon’s sightseeing, aided by free wifi, while, at the same time, admiring the beautiful façade of St Peter’s Cathedral, from our seats on the terrace in front of the coffee shop.

Address: Grēcinieku iela 11, Rīga ( At the front of St Peter’s Church and less than 100 metres from Town Hall Square)

Opening hours: Daily 9am to 11pm ( 1am on Friday and Saturday nights)

Website: http://www.doublecoffee.lv/

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on the Old City ares of Riga. I suggest you continue with my next entry – St Peter’s Church – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my first entry – SamaraH Hotel Metropole – Riga.

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