From the beautiful to the bizarre

When we visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun (mausoleum of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il) in Pyongyang we were guided through numerous rooms full of certificates, degrees, awards, vehicles, boats and much more, bestowed upon the Great and Dear Leaders during their lives. There were literally thousands of items on display here.

This abundance of accolades and gifts was but a mere foretaste of what was to come. For the main course, if you like, we had to journey into the mountains – to Myohyang-san and the International Friendship Exhibition in the foothills of the mountains by the Myohyang River.

Myohyang-san is a beautiful mountain range with a number of soaring peaks and beautiful valleys and was a favourite recreational area for the Leaders, located a couple of hours drive to the north-east of Pyongyang.

In addition to its links with the Leaders, the mountain is the sacred home of King Tangun, forefather of the Korean people and the home of the 11th century Pohyyon temple.

We arrived at Myohyang-san mid afternoon and in keeping with tradition, sightseeing began immediately – our hotel check-in could wait. Our activity for the afternoon was a hike on the lower reaches of Myohyang-san, in the valley of 10,000 waterfalls.

This blog entry is the first in a group (loop) of reviews on Myohyang-san in North Korea which I recommend you read in a particular order starting with my next entry – Walking on Mt Myohyang.


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