While the Marble Arch Caves are in themselves a primary tourist attraction in County Fermanagh you should certainly try and allocate a bit of extra time to your trip here so that you can have a walk overground in this beautiful part of the County.

The Global Geopark area in which the caves are located offer a large number of walking opportunities – you could spend days or longer walking in the area. The walks range from short nature trails suitable for the whole family, to long-distance walks for more seasoned hill walkers.

Each walk is waymarked and details on each route are given at the starting point.

Time just permitted me to do one walk and I chose an hour long one from the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre – The Cladagh River Walk. This walk, takes you down from the Visitor Centre into a steep-sided gorge through a shaded (when there is foliage!) glen of damp ash woodland to the river at which point the walk becomes fairly flat running alongside the river. The woodland here is a tiny remnant of the vast wild wood that once covered most of Ireland. The ash is one of the latest trees to come into leaf hence the lack of foliage even though I visited in early May.

Look out for pine martens and red squirrels along the walk.

As you make your way down to the river you will pass the (very modest) Marble Arch itself, from which the cave system takes its name (main picture). This is the point from which the river emerges from the cave system. The arch gets its name from the polished nature of the limestone which people originally thought was marble. As I indicated in my Caves review this area has long been frequented by tourists and was actually a popular spot for wedding photos in late Victorian times.

Walk Grade: Easy (though there are over 100 steps down to the river)
Distance: 3.6km
Terrain: Well surfaced footpath and boardwalk.

You can also access the Cladagh Glen Walk from Cladagh Bridge on the Florencecourt to Belcoo Road. If you have a driver in your party not wishing to do the walk and you don’t want to climb back up to the Cave’s Visitor Centre get picked up from the car park at the Cladagh Bridge.

See my Marble Arch Caves review for general access details.

Address: Marlbank, Florencecourt
Directions: 18kms west of Enniskillen and well signposted from the town having got yourself onto the Sligo Road.
Phone: 028 6634 8855
Website: http://www.marblearchcavesgeopark.com/

This is the last blog entry in a group (loop) of entries on Enniskillen (County Fermanagh).  I trust you have enjoyed reading this group of reviews and invite you to partake of another of the loops on my “Travel Loop” page, by clicking  HERE.

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