Typically when I travel I am very conscious of exactly where I am. This, of course, is related to the fact that I have to work out how to get to where I am and how to get away.

I generally don’t go on tours but in North Korea there is no option. Here one has no say where one is brought, what one sees and where one eats so one tends to switch off and go with the flow. It a sorta “Beam me up Scotty” to the next sight I must see. And so it was that after our tour of the Joint Security Area (DMZ) we were herded back onto the bus and taken to lunch. Typically, for northern tourists, lunch is taken in or around Kaesong, outside the Demilitarised Zone. We, however, ate at a restaurant inside the DMZ.

54Try as I might to locate said restaurant on Google Maps or find any information on it on the Internet, I have (apart from one picture) been unable to find any information or the precise location of the restaurant. It was certainly no more than a couple of kilometres from the Joint Security Area and there are no markings on the outside that gives any clue as to the buildings purpose.

That be as it is, the restaurant is big and sterile like most others we ate at – not untypical of where tour buses pull up anywhere in the world. The food was the usual fare for North Korea – ample but not flashy. We had a tasteless soup ( egg noodle) followed by various bits and pieces and ended with the usual bowl of rice – all washed down with beer and water.

I was surprised at the size and location of this restaurant. For sure there are not enough Northern tour buses to keep it busy. I wonder if it doubles up as an officer’s mess or the like though I saw nothing to substantiate this assertion.

This is the last blog entry in group (loop) of entries on my visit to Panmumjom and the DMZ, North Korea.  I trust you have enjoyed reading about my visit and  invite you to partake of another of the loops on my “Travel Loops” page, by clicking  HERE.

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