This is the stuff that picture postcards from the South Pacific are made off.

Kuto is a crescent shaped, white powder sand, beach over a kilometre in length. It is lapped by the warm, transparent and turquoise waters of the South Pacific and flanked by swaying palms, and many of the island’s endemic columnar pines, providing ample shade between swims, sun bathing or strolls along the beach. If you are into beaches, what more could you possibly need?

What’s even better about this beach (and the adjacent Kamumara Bay, more favoured for snorkelling) is that it is a short stroll from the jetty at which passengers from cruise ships land, via tenders, and at which those arriving by ferry from Noumea disembark.

While not someone who likes lying on a beach, myself, I can easily see why people come here and, indeed, why many spend their full time on the island just on this beach.

Should you get peckish or thirsty I recommend the Hotel Kou-Bugny found about half way along the beach. At A$12 for a beer (more for wine and spirits) it’s certainly not cheap but, hey, you don’t get a view like this every day. Prices here are similar to the capital, Noumea. Interestingly, a beer on Mare, one of our three cruise stops in New Caledonia, cost a mere A$6.


Kuto Beach is about 3 minutes walk from the jetty. Leaving the jetty turn left and then veer left after about 100 metres. Veering right at this point takes you onto Kanumera Bay.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries based on my trip to Ile des Pins, New Caledonia. I suggest you continue with my next entry – Pic Nga – Climb It Or Admire It From Kuto Bay – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my introductory entry – No Hurries, No Worries.


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