Koryo Museum Gift Shop

While you are visiting the Koryo Museum there are two shops, one within the museum complex and one just outside of it worthy a look.

The museum’s gift shop is located within a small and pretty courtyard within the museum grounds. Get your ginseng fix here. 903The Kaesong area is renowned for the quality of its ginseng and while this shop has on sale a number of other trinkets and the like its primary product is ginseng and ginseng derivatives. Ginseng is a herb that has been used for thousands of years, especially in eastern countries, to improve people’s overall health. Perhaps of particular interest to readers of advancing years, ginseng is adjudged one of the most effective anti-aging supplements currently available.

Stamp Shop

Outside the museum complex is a rather unprepossessing building the plainness of which belies its relevance to the tourist as possibly the best philatelic shop in North Korea (location, location, location means nothing in opening a business in North Korea). This shop is certainly worth a look if you want to pick up some stamps for your own collection or as presents for others. In addition to stamps, it has a decent selection of art, T-shirts, local ginseng products and a reasonable range of propaganda postcards and mini-posters.

I picked up a beautiful hardback book of thematically displayed stamps, some smaller stamp sets and individual stamps together with a selection of propaganda postcards. And, before you ask, no, I do not know what the cards say but I could, as I am sure you can, make a fair guess based on the pictures.

This is the last blog entry in group (loop) of entries on my visit to Kaesong, North Korea.  I trust you have enjoyed reading about my visit and  invite you to partake of another of the loops on my “Travel Loops” page, by clicking  HERE.

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