Having spent the best part of a day swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach and a little more time looking around the market and the small village of Tadine, relax and have a drink before heading back to your cruise ship (assuming that’s how you got here, as the vast majority of visitors do).

The small bar, beside the market, is a great spot for a relaxing drink and a spot of people watching.289 Like everything else on the island it is basic though entirely functional. You can choose from a couple of beers – Heineken and the local brew (owned by Heineken), No 1 – a cider, and a small range of soft drinks. Interestingly, a beer here costs less than half what I paid on the Ile des Pins and half what it does in Noumea, so drink up!

Should they be required, there are public toilets about 20 metres to the rear of the bar.

While I saw a few croissants on the bar you’ll have to go to Noumea for your fix of escargots, fromage, champagne and petit fours.

This is the last blog entry in a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Mare, New Caledonia.  I trust you have enjoyed reading about my trip and invite you to partake of another of the loops on my “Travel Loop” page, by clicking  HERE.

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