Yadjele Beach – Beach Bar

If the title of this review conjures up visions of hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques and nightclubs along the beach-front – visions of Copacabana, Ipanema and Bondi – then you may be disappointed with Yedjélé Beach. One the other hand, if like me, these visions put you off and you are after something altogether more simple (indeed at the other end of the spectrum) then shopping at Yedjélé Beach may be for you.

As can be seen from my attached pictures you don’t miss out at Yedjélé.

Picture 1 above – A juice bar!

Yadjele Beach – Massage Parlour and Resthouse

Picture 2 – In addition to offering massages (A$20 for 20 minutes), this establishment offers a bed, or rather a mat on the ground to rest for a few hours (A$40). Both rather overpriced.


Picture 3 – Burgers and more.


Picture 4 – Beach side bar – beer, soft drink and some fresh juices available.


Picture 5 – Health clinic – courtesy of Carnival Cruise line.

Hair braiding is also available, for those with hair.

What more could you want?

While the official currency of New Caledonia is the French Pacific Franc, Australian dollars (incl $1 and $2 coins) are accepted everywhere on Maré. While change in A$ is available it is best to bring coins and smaller notes so you don’t end up with a load of French Pacific Francs that you don’t want.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries based on my trip to Maré, New Caledonia. I suggest you continue with my next entry – Yeiwene Yeiwene’s Grave – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my introductory entry – Maré – New Caledonia’s Hidden Gem

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