Consulate Hotel

When I was in St Helena I stayed at the Wellington House Hotel (across the road from the Consulate). It was more than adequate for my needs and indeed I really enjoyed it there. All accommodation on St Helena is expensive and the Consulate charge around GBP200pn for double B&B – hard to justify the hefty premium, though from chatting to those who stayed there it is good.

Anyway this review is a restaurant review. On my last day I had lunch at the Consulate – not in the formal guest dining room but rather a casual lunch in the coffee shop cum gourmet food shop, cum art gallery.

The food here is excellent and actually good value for money – I had anticipated it being rather more expensive. Lunch-time fare consists of lasagna and chips/salad, fish and chips, pie and chips, sandwiches – that sort of thing. It is a great shame however that everything is imported including the fish! As I have indicated elsewhere, what little bit of subsistence agriculture that did exist has long since ceased with the main source of employment now being the government and Basil Read (building an airport) with a bit of secondary services – shops, pubs and the like supporting government/airport activity.

The boutique food shop sells pasta, oils, sauces, small goods, chocolates and such like of the more gourmet level not available in the few general stores on the island. The clientele would be the small number of expats on the island and a few of the better of locals.

The art gallery (around the walls) – have a look while you wait for your food to be served – is military orientated and as you might expect Napoleon figures highly. A few interesting prints here.


The hotel has a well stocked bar and is a great place for a pre-dinner drink on the verandah as you engage in the favourite Jamestown pastime of people watching. If you sit here you can watch the locals sitting on the benches outside the tourist office – a prime viewing location – watching you, watching them!

The Consulate – Courtyard and Bar

As there are only a few dining options in town you will invariably end up here for some meal or other anyway. It’s nice to know, however, that it is actually worth going to in its own right as opposed to you having to go there because there is nothing else!

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to St Helena.  I suggest you continue with my next entry – Not a lot to Buy – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my  St Helena Introduction entry.


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