There are very few places in Jamestown open on a Sunday Night for dinner and this in one of them. As such, we were surprised when we went to dinner at around 7.30pm and no one was there and apart from one person to pick up a takeaway order no-one came in all evening.

The décor and general ambiance (for an empty restaurant) was ok and of the level I would have anticipated. The one thing I did “love” was the flashing lights on the drinks cabinet.

I have a soft spot for tackiness when it’s not mine – don’t you love the wine cooler? I should have left when this appeared.

The food reminded me of what I used to get from a Chinese restaurant in Belfast, Northern Ireland, about 30 years ago and that is not a compliment. It lacked taste, texture or anything really and both dishes tasted pretty much the same.

The food!

Had I paid GBP3-5 a dish (the going rate for average food around Jamestown) I would probably just have shrugged my shoulders and said you get what you pay for. Each dish here cost GBP12-15 – more than you would pay in London or Paris for very good versions of the same dish. As I recall – the rice was GBP6 or more for the gluggy mess you see in the attached picture. The picture flatters the food somewhat.

A couple of days later I owned up to having dined here to a couple who were returning to the UK after a couple of years on St Helena – they had never eaten here and by their account no-one does! Given the paucity of food outlets on the Island it really says something if someone who lived here two years couldn’t bring themselves to trying it just once.

The Restaurant’s Facebook page categorises it as “fine dining”. I beg to differ.

Favourite Dish: I can’t recommend any food but did enjoy the flashing lights on the drinks cabinet.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to St Helena.  I suggest you continue with my next entry – Stairway to Heaven – Jacob’s Ladder – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my St Helena Introduction entry.

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