Somewhat of an institution in St Helena, Anne’s Place has been serving yachties and other visitors to St Helena now for over 30 years. Anne’s Place was originally run, as the name suggests, by Anne Sim and is now run by daughter Jane retaining its very nautical feel with flags and ships memorabilia in abundance. The ‘ceiling’ is actually a canopy constructed of flags from all over the world, many signed by the vessel’s crew and telling the story of their visit.

This café style restaurant cum bar is located in the very charming Castle Gardens in the centre of Jamestown and offers a combination of indoor/outdoor style dining, ideally suited to the tropical climate of St Helena and the James Valley in particular.

The café offers a good choice for all meals from breakfast to dinner though I only had dinner here – on the first evening. While no-where near the quality of the food I had got used to over the previous 5 days on the RMS St Helena ( this was of course reflected in the somewhat lower bill!) the food is of reasonably good quality and the place has a good ambiance so I have no problems recommending it. It is a good value restaurant enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. As you might expect, locally caught fish features highly on the menu – the fishcakes are excellent. It would have been nice, had time permitted, to have come back here during the day and enjoy lunch, a snack or even a drink overlooking the Castle Gardens.

The café offers both wifi and coin-operated internet access but is at pains to point out that the service is provided by Cable & Wireless and technical support cannot be provided. This probably says something about the quality of the connection and the speed that you can expect. I didn’t try it out but can assure you it doesn’t come cheap.

While the RMS St Helena is in port or in transit between St Helena and Ascension Anne’s Place is open 9am to 9pm. At other times its Mon – Sat 9am to 3pm and 6pm to 8.30pm and Sun 9.30am to 2.30pm.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to St Helena.  I suggest you continue with my next entry – Famous Visitors and Napoleon – or to start the loop at the beginning go to my St Helena Introduction entry.


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