Ch’angjon Street Apartments Complex

Readers familiar with North Korea and those who have read my general review – Enjoy the darkness and bring a Torch on my North Korea – Introduction blog/list may be rather perplexed or confused by the apparent contradiction suggested by the title of this review.

Compared to the rest of the country Pyongyang is actually ablaze with lights (at least until around 10pm when most of them go out) but when compared with other cities of 3 million people elsewhere it is seriously lacking in the lighting department. The one exception to the 10pm switch-off is the Juche Tower which remains lit up all night.

Tower of Juche Idea

It is also immune to power outages having its own generator backup. The lights, of course, can never go out on the Great Leader’s Juche Idea about which you can read more in my separate review –The Tower of the Juche Idea.

The purpose of this review is not to suggest that all is well on the lighting / electricity front in Pyongyang (it is not) but merely to let the reader see that there are a few things lit up at night and they are worth a look should the opportunity arise.

Others of my reviews on this page also include night shorts of particular sites. In particular I think the Arch of Triumph looks especially beautiful at night.

The illuminated Ch’angjon Street Apartment Complex in my main picture is a very recent addition to the Pyongyang skyline having been constructed mid 2012 – thankfully the neon lights are static.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Pyongyang.  I suggest you continue with my next entry –  Pyongyang Railway Station – or to start the loop at the beginning go to –  Pyongyang – A Capital City Unlike any Other


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