Eastwards Facing View

The Tower of the Juche Idea (Juche Tower) is one of the most important elements of Pyongyang’s iconography which all directly or indirectly glorify the life of the country’s modern day founder and Eternal President, Kim Il-sung. The Juche Tower celebrates the Great Leader’s Juche Idea of self reliance (see my main Juche Tower review for further detail).

The Tower is one of the most visible features in the city and you will see it regularly as you move (i.e. are brought) around the city. I think it is especially nice when lit up at night.

Anyway, you will want to climb it and you can do so.

Inside the base of the tower is a small souvenir shop and ticket office where your guide will secure a ticket for you. The entrance fee is 5 Euro. Having paid the entrance fee you will be taken to the top of the tower via a guide operated lift.

When you get to the top (just below the ‘flame”) you are free to walk around the tower by yourself and take pictures without restriction (my, what freedom!). Initially I was a bit disappointed that it was late afternoon when we got to go up the tower as the setting sun, combined with Chinese smog, spoiled our view westwards towards the main (from a tourist perspective) part of the city. In retrospect and given that we had numerous chances for close-up views of that part of the city I now think we drew a trump card. With the sun behind us we had fantastic views into the east side (Tongdaewon District) of the city, a part we would barely be visiting on our tour.

My first picture above is a general eastward facing view with a mix of residential and office buildings. Yes, it is hard to tell the difference but my third picture below.

Korea Documentary Film Studio

Above – The Korea Documentary Film Studio, not to be confused with the main film studios on the outskirts of the city. Note the pictures of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il above the entrance – typical of (mandatory I think) all government/official buildings in North Korea.

Soviet Era Residential Apartment Blocks

Above – Residential apartment blocks identifiable by the small balconies which are often (especially outside Pyongyang) decorated with flowers – typically red geranium, from what I saw.

Looking West

Above – Shot westward to Kim Il-sung Square and the Grand People’s Study House – quality negatively impacted a combination of the setting sun and smog.

Along the Taedong River

Above – Along the Taedong river. The large building towards the left of the picture is the Yanggakdo Hotel – our island home while in Pyongyang.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Pyongyang.  I suggest you continue with my next entry – Pyongyang Gold Lane: Ten Pin Bowling – or to start the loop at the beginning go to –  Pyongyang – A Capital City Unlike any Other.


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