Air Koryo at Pyongyang Airport

If eligible to do so, I actually recommend leaving the DPRK by train. See by separate review “Getting out of the DPRK by train”.

If you do leave by air, repeat, in reverse, the process for getting in – outlined in my review “Getting into the DPRK by Air”. Yes, you will have a rerun of the hamburger experience.

Lest you have forgotten :-

Yes, the Hamburger Again!

As with everything else in the DPRK everything will be organised for you.

You will be taken to Pyongyang airport by bus at which time your passport and Tourist Card will be returned to you. These will have been collected by your guides on arrival into North Korea for ‘safekeeping’. You will have to surrender your Tourist Card on departure so if you want a copy take a photo before arriving at the airport.

As when you arrive, no entry will be made in your passport.

While it is possible that officials will go through you North Korea photographs and ask you to delete those deemed inappropriate it is unlikely that this will happen if you leave by air.

This blog entry is the LAST of a group (loop) of entries providing general and background information on The Rambling Wombat’s trip to, and travelling in, North Korea. I trust you have enjoyed the loop and now encourage you to return to my Travel Loops page and pick another selection of entries to read. Should you wish to continue reading my North Korea location entries I recommend you start with Pyongyang.


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